First place in weddings and Best of Show

I love being inspired by other photographers, and I’ve found that entering print competitions only pushes me even more to do my very best and to constantly improve!

I’m very thankful to be a member of the local Professional Photographers of Santa Barbara County (PPSBC). This is such a great group with a real depth of wisdom, knowledge, experience and talent!

Tonight we had the Summer 2007 PPSBC Print Competition and I entered four of my most recent images to see what the judges would think of my work. Hearing their critiques and thoughts on how my images could improve really has my mind working and I’m super excited to shoot my next wedding this weekend and try some of these ideas!!!

The competition was SUPER tight. I was super excited when one of my prints was chosen by the judges for First Place in the Weddings/Events category. Quickly there-after they had to vote for best of show, where they grab the highest scoring prints from each category and pit them against each other for an overall Best of Show winner. Well, with two other categories represented: Portraits and Illustrative, there was some VERY stiff competition!

One of my former teachers from Brooks, Bill Robbins had an AWESOME and hilarious image of a man in a speedo standing next to a pelican on the beach in Baja. Seriously, when this print first came up EVERYONE watching let out a chuckle, talk about catching everyone’s attention!

Allyson Magda had a beautiful image of a young boy walking through a tunne. The little guy was in perfect silhouette against the whitewashed exit of the tunnel. A truly impactful image!

I think the judges debated back and forth for at least 5 minutes, and I’m pretty sure that every print on the rack at some point was the leader to be voted best of show. At one point they asked if they could just declare a tie, but the moderator said it wasn’t allowed. After a ton of debate, the judges voted by just a hair for my print:

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers Portrait Photography

You might recognize this picture from a wedding I JUST shot last week!!! This is from Eric and Nancy’s wedding on 7/7/07 in Ventura, CA.

*someone asked what I named the print… I’m TERRIBLE at naming prints… I mean, I’m real bad…. But, they require that you name the print, so… at the last second I named it “Glad about you.”

11 thoughts on “First place in weddings and Best of Show”

  1. Congrats!!! I told you those chairs were awesome to get a pic at. But of course it was your eye that did the rest. Eric and nancy will be thrilled when they see this! When they get back from Tahiti!! Lucky them again, he,he. So I guess it was Lucky for you too, for doing their wedding on 7/7/7.
    Lucky them for having you, lucky you for winning, lucky all around!
    And yes, let cheryl name the kids!

    Bless you,

  2. the angle and the cemetry are awesome but the best part is that you captured the excitement and hope in both of there expressions. It brings the whole thing to life. Great job.

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