For the second time in one week I got to go explor…

For the second time in one week I got to go exploring with my camera.
The first time was on Monday with Cheryl(my fiance… soon to be wife!![two weeks!!!]) and the second time was yesterday/Thursday with my good buddy (and the dude who will be shooting my wedding) Michael Costa

We spent an hour or two in the industrial area of Santa Barbara taking in the surroundings and challenging our skills to create something. (craziest thing we saw was an industrial washing machine which can punch out something like 27tons worth of laundry in a single day!!!!! WOW)

It’s crazy how you can start shooting, and be totally uninspired for the first 15-20 minutes, then all of a sudden it hits you and you’re now in the “zone” or in the “moment” and it starts coming together. I love that about photography. It doesn’t matter how uncreative I might feel, if I just keep shooting away, within a few minutes it always comes to me! 🙂

We had a blast and were constantly showing each other the pictures we were getting. Hopefully Michael will have some pics from his camera on his blog soon as well!!

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