For those of you who have been trying to check out…

For those of you who have been trying to check out my website I apologize for it being down. We exceeded the bandwidth alotment, but that’s been fixed. Enjoy. 🙂

Oh, and this isn’t my shot for the day, just something from my friend’s wedding I shot back in July.

30 thoughts on “For those of you who have been trying to check out…”

  1. I like the idea. The pictures are great, both in their quality, diversity and ... the sort of chaotic energy that comes out of all that.
    Anyway, you've inspired me to take a picture a day myself, albeit more approximately. Thanks -

  2. hey photo-a-day is this all your work because if it is i love it. i am a practing photographer and i love your work ifit is yours it is a great inspiration

    thank you

  3. Miss Browneyedgirlie

    That is absolutely beautiful. As are the rest of your photos. I WISH I could take pictures like that!

  4. I love your photographs! It’s amazing how you can take something so ordinary and turn it into a real work of art! This wedding photo is really great too. It completely captures what they are feeling. I’ll definitely be back!

  5. hi…
    chanced upon ur work today..
    and saying that i love it would be an understatement…
    could i please have u making beautiful memories for me in print too?
    jus gorgeous…
    addicted…(and hope to continue.)

  6. Hey Photo Dude!! I’m speechless after seeing this, this is SOOO beautiful 🙂 What a great gift you have! and I agree, this pic does make me want to fall in love. *Thank you for sharing these*

    See ya soon. ~E~

  7. hey dude ,
    i love photography though not as good as you but u really inspired me .. could u give me sometips … i ahve digicam is it better or an ordinary camera is better … keep the good work going


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