Free Photography for Santa Barbara’s Tea Fire Families

I’ve been trying to wait to move forward with this until I could put something “nice looking” together, but realize that we’re getting really close to Christmas, so I’m just gonna post this up here and see where we go from here.

Living here in Santa Barbara and seeing all these families lose their homes in the fires was crazy, and it didn’t really hit me until I had a chance to drive through the burned out neighborhoods and see the destruction that these families lost EVERYTHING.

We want to offer to help and the best way we know how is through photography. I know I’d be super bummed if I lost all of my family photos.

So, we want to offer an family/individual who lost their home/belongings in the Tea Fire a free session as well as free prints. (I’d love to be able to offer free books/albums as well and I’m going to see what I can do with some connections from an album company I know.)

EDIT: Just got word back from my favorite album company KISS Wedding Books that they will donate soft page Coffee Table Books for any families affected by the fires. (Thank you to KISS for this awesome donation!)

Basically, if you know someone who was effected by this fire, please pass my contact info along to them, I would truly be honored to be able to get them some photos this Christmas to start a collection for their family memories.

They can call me on my cell: 805.252.6097 or email me: [email protected]

When I was driving through the burn area I stopped to take some pictures, I had this idea of what I would see built up in my head, but when I got there I was shocked, there was NOTHING left of most of these homes

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