Getting inspired as a photographer is incredibly important – Photo LA 2008

I can truly say I don’t think I’ve really really felt myself being inspired inspired since I was in New York after photographing Jack and Teresa’s wedding in New Jersey (ok, that sounds terrible, by inspired I mean pushed to reach an even higher level way beyond my imagination. I’m always inspired by the weddings I document and the people I photograph, but I’m talking about inspiration that is just mind blowing)

Now I am stoked to announce that I was so madly inspired yesterday!!! My good friend (and the man who documented my wedding) Michael Costa called me around 1 p.m. yesterday (about 30 minutes after arriving home from a 6 hour drive back from Brian and April’s wedding in Healdsburg). He asked what I was up to in 6 hours (who asks that?) I checked… no plans… so, what did you have in mind? The excitement in his voice as he invited me to cruise with him down to LA for “Photo LA” was enough and I didn’t ask too many more questions until we were in the car driving down.

Photo LA was insane. The first 45 minutes or so I felt like I’d just run into a wall with my brain. It was overwhelming. Then, suddenly, things started to pop out and I began to be inspired. I pulled out my moleskin and began writing notes, words, and ideas.

It was the perfect timing because I had just set a goal for myself on Wednesday to come up with a new project for myself to start shooting anytime I’m out and about. I’m so excited right now to go and shoot some fun new pictures and begin applying all of this to my weddings in 2008!

Here’s one of my favorite images that I saw by Patricia von Ah from her Lost Birds book/exhibition:

Lost Birds by Patricia VanAh - Artistic Photography - Weddings

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