Google listing spoof…

This one is weird… I get emails all the time where people try and trick me into typing my password into their “spoofed” website (they’ll fake a website like or and host the look-alike site on their server, and collect your username/password…)

No biggy, I catch this all the time.

But, I’ve listed myself with google in their local listings so when people search for “Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer,” they are able to find my website listing.

It was really weird, because my wedding photography website always popped up first on the list, and then suddenly I noticed it wasn’t there anymore… so I did a little poking around, and someone had somehow changed my listing and said I was now based out of Santa Ynez in the middle of a road in the middle of no-where

Alright, hopefully I’ve fixed that, but what a bummer, it takes google 4 weeks/1 month to update any changes…

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