Google search for “wedding photographer websites” pulls me up first page!! Crazy

It’s always fun watching how people find my website. I know I’ve posted about this before, but it’s just exciting to see how when someone searched the term “wedding photographer websites” on Google and got my website.

My intial thought was maybe they surfed through five or six pages of links before finding me, so I did the search myself, and crazy enough, I show up on the first page of results.

I know a lot of you guys follow this blog from a long ways away, I’m curious if Google gives people different results for this same search depending on where you live?

Santa Barbara Destination Wedding Photographer

15 thoughts on “Google search for “wedding photographer websites” pulls me up first page!! Crazy”

  1. I’m in Berkeley… searched in signed into google and it came up first listing on second page. Then I signed out… came up second to last on first page…. weird!!!

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  3. When Googled in South Lake Tahoe,NV it puts you on the first page, second from the bottom. So it looks like from the screen shot that you took, you have a better ranking up here.

  4. I googled wedding photographer and did not find you site even through 10 pages. I then googled wedding photographer websites and you were the last listing on the first page in Fresno area

  5. Reporting in from Seattle…
    Your site doesn’t come up at all with either website or websites. 🙁
    Too bad…it would be a nice area for you to get into.

  6. From Germany (

    ‘Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer’ – Your #3 on second page

    ‘Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Websites’ – Your the big #1

  7. Hey Tim!
    Google sends out “spiders” that search for the metadata that’s imbedded in the code of a website…mispellings, descriptions, etc. The “spiders” also take into account the popularity of a website. They’re very intuitive:)

    Anyhow, I’m so for the geekinfo.
    See ya Sunday:)

  8. Congrats! Google does have several data centers so that might be the reasons why some people are pulling up different rankings for the same term. Looks like the SEO is going well. Take Care.

  9. I live in Minnesota and when I googled it you weren’t first. Minnesota is far from Santa Barbra though!

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