Gotta love nate

Gotta love nate

15 thoughts on “Gotta love nate”

  1. “holy terror!”
    the first thing that came to mind… the light around his head could almost be a…

    -halo 3.)the splendor with which imagination surrounds an object of affection or esteem

    scary and funny at the same time.
    took me aback at first. 🙂

  2. Lol… thankfully this isn’t real… a simple photoshop trick that is super easy and fun that my buddy Blaine Franger ( taught me. (Lol, he just told me he hates that google picks up links that are from blogs where his name is mentioned, so I apologize to him for this again, but seriously, check out his work, it’s AMAZING!!!)

  3. the face in the pic is 100% symmetrical….so it cant be real
    one vertical half is the mirror image of the other……
    good job anyways..

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