Great Workshop/Seminar for You Photographers – Boudoir!

I get asked on occassion by other photogaphers and aspiring photographers if I do workshops and sadly I haven’t taken that on yet (hopefully will have something in the works in the not so distant future though) But since I know there are some of you out there following this blog looking to learn more, I’ve got a workshop that I’m excited about attending.

The Boudoir Divas will be in Santa Barbara next week, on Tuesday, October 7 at the Brooks Institute Jefferson Campus presenting their take on Boudoir Photography, how to market it, how to create better/sexier pictures and much more.

If you are a photographer interested in checking out something new and different (or even if you’re already doing a ton of boudoir) this is definitely an event worth checking out as you are sure to get some new ideas that will not only help you start rocking the boudoir sessions, but also ideas that you are sure to be able to adapt to your other genres of photography!

Check it out:

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