Hayden and Ephraim’s Portraits!

I thought it would be fun to introduce you guys to my nephews! They are some of the funiest, cutest, craziest boys I have ever met! Seriously, they are so much fun, everytime I visit them they make me laugh so much!

When I was in Palm Springs for Christmas break, my sister asked me to grab my camera and snap off a few shots of them. So we went to a nearby park in Palm Desert to hang out and have some fun. Hayden wasn’t quite into it at first, but once we got him on the swings and made him laugh a bit he quickly cheered up :).

Their parent’s are both supper talented in drawing. Mike is also talented in the area of web design and graphic arts. Check out his blog, he has a fetish with calling himself batmyke :). Hmm I wonder where his kids get their crazyness from! 🙂

To see more pics from when I shot Hayden and Ephraim’s portraits click here

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