Headed To Cindy and Jeff’s Kansas City Wedding This Weekend

We’ve been prepping all week for our trip out to Kansas City for Cindy and Jeff’s wedding this weekend.

Kansas City Wedding engagement photos in Santa Barbara

Cindy is an amazing portrait and wedding photography in Kansas City and it’s a true honor to be asked to photograph her wedding. Definitely check out her website when you have a chance (just so happens we share the same flash guy, he ROCKS!!!)

This has already started out as a wild year for us, Cindy is the third photographer so far who’s wedding we’ve been hired to document, and we have two more photographers to go this year. It’s always a bit more pressure working for a photographer, but also really awesome because they usually allow us to go a little crazier and create even more art.

Here are a few shots I grabbed while Cindy and Jeff were visiting Santa Barbara last year before they got engaged. The images were created using a Holga camera with film that expired in the early 1980’s, AWESOME.

Kansas City Wedding engagement session - Cindy and Jeff

Kansas City pre-wedding engagement session in Santa Ynez Cindy and Jeff

Kansas City Wedding engagement session for Cindy and Jeff

Cindy and Jeff at their Santa Ynez Engagement session for their Kansas City wedding

I can’t wait to shoot in Kansas, and since we’ve never been, we’re amped to try some BBQ while we’re there!!

5 thoughts on “Headed To Cindy and Jeff’s Kansas City Wedding This Weekend”

  1. Love this series! Beautiful. Holga + expired film = Amazing! I have been crazy busy working on a couple of films I love coming here for inspiration – and a little break from the chaos. Glad to hear that you are doing well and have taken on a third shooter. Sweet.

  2. After going back for another look… and actually taking my time to READ and enjoy the beauty of this post again – I noticed that you shot another photographers wedding and that you had not taken on a third shooter… oops. Just the same it is great that you are doing well. Proof positive that I have to slow down a bit. lol.

  3. Hey Tim! Thanks for the compliments on the ocean shot, glad to hear you’re still checkin’ in with The Bouchérs 😉

    I LOVE the overlays on these beach shots combined with a square crop, sick!

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