Heartstone Ranch Wedding – Steve and Mira

Today we had the honor of photographing Steve and Mira’s wedding at the Heartsone Ranch in Carpinteria, CA. This is our second Heartstone Ranch Wedding and as always, the ranch provided for a beautiful backdrop.

Steve and Mira are two of the sweetest and most relaxed couples we have ever had the chance to create story telling imagery for. When it came time to create some beautiful photos for these two at sunset, I was excited that we were able to combined Mira’s love for horses and Steve’s sense of humor into a few photos including our own take on American Gothic.

We look forward to sharing the rest of Mira and Steve’s Heartstone Ranch wedding photos in the weeks to come.

2 thoughts on “Heartstone Ranch Wedding – Steve and Mira”

  1. Tim- it is always such a pleasure working with you and your team. Few people realize the the invaluable nature of not just a professional photographer whose work is actually gorgeous and tells the story of a day though being “present” for all those little moments that sometimes others do not see, but that you capture, but what a pleasure it is to work with a team of photographers who stay “stealth” and don’t interfere with any other aspect of the wedding, are true team players with the rest of the vendor team, who actually makes the bridal party have fun during all their formal shots and in general, just has a great sense of joy in all they do. You are a rare breed (and the ideal) of all the best things of photojournalism. Thank you for all you do.

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