Held my first wedding photographer workshop

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this!

I had the greatest time this past Saturday holding a mini-workshop of sorts for two fellow California based wedding photographers, Doug Miranda and Alex Robb.

Both of these guys had contacted me seperately saying they wanted to spend a day hanging out talking wedding shop, so I decided it was the perfect chance to do a tiny photography workshop here in beautiful Santa Barbara!!!

It was really cool to see where both of these guys are at and where they’re headed!

Alex Robb was my high school photography teacher in Tehachapi, and he’s wanting to supplement his income with wedding photography so that his wife can stay at home with their very cute daugther!!

Doug is moving up to Tahoe in April to open up shop in one of the most beautiful areas of California!

Both Doug and Alex attended my alamater Brooks Institute of Photography, so it was really fun to get together and share our “war” stories.

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