Hey guys!!! oh… and gals!!! :-) Today’s my birt…

Hey guys!!! oh… and gals!!! 🙂

Today’s my birthday! so I apologize for not answering the phone today and for being a little slow to reply to emails from Saturday through to today!

Me and Cheryl are off to take pictures for fun today! One of our few days off recently. Figured having a birthday was a good excuse…

We’ll post up a bunch of pictures tonight!!! Thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

Alright, here are a few pictures from our little time out and about. (when you sleep in til 3 you really don’t spend a ton of time out and about…)

I think this trip reaffirmed for me why I don’t make a living as a nature photographer… (if you’d like to see some of my sad attempts at being a nature photographer[as well as a fasion photographer and more], you can check out my first ever website here)

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