Hiking Santa Barbara’s Trails…

…can result in some fun sightings.

I was hiking with some guys from the Faroe Islands this week and we were talking about the different wildlife you would see day-to-day when hiking the mountains of Santa Barbara.

Twice I got stumped… we were talking about how with birds, the colorful/beautiful ones are the males, unlike us awkward looking human males… and then we saw a Blue Jay, and one of the guys asked if that was the male… it got me to thinking… I’ve always just looked at Blue Jays and never really wondered as to whether or not it was one sex or another. (anyone know by the way, if there is a visual difference between male and female Blue Jays?)

Then, we saw this little guy that I took a picture of. I can’t for the life of me think of the right name for him… anyone know?

And finally, of course we saw some poison oak. There’s a TON of this stuff out there right now. At this point though, I’m thinking I must be one of the 10% who are not effected by poison oak, because I swear I’ve touched this stuff a hundred different times and never seen the adverse results.

Being a wedding photographer I wish I was better at nature photography… but sadly I’ve attempted that route and didn’t fair so well! 😉

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