How many of you are following this blog? $20 gift card to iTunes

I’m super curious to see how many people are following our blog. I know there are a TON of you from watching the stats on the back-end, but most of you are lurkers and don’t leave comments.

So, as an incentive to leave a comment and say hello, not just lurk, I’m going to offer a $20 iTunes gift card to one lucky blog reader who leaves a comment in THIS post. To qualify, your comment must have the following info: Your Name, Your Location, and the reason why you follow this blog. (I’d love to hear your ideas on what you’d like to see more of or less of or anything else you feel like saying)

ie: Tim Halberg, Santa Barbara, CA, I follow this blog because I’m the wedding photographer who created it and I love photography! And I would like to see you/me post every day with more pictures of not only weddings, but personal work as well.

I’ll draw one name from a hat (ok, maybe a bowl) on Friday, January 25 sometime in the afternoon. So leave your comment by then if you want to be entered. Oh, and one other catch, to collect the prize you have to watch for our post when we announce the winner (probably on January 25…)

In the meantime, enjoy this insane video that I found thanks to two of my friends: David Jay and Cody Duncan:

42 thoughts on “How many of you are following this blog? $20 gift card to iTunes”

  1. Tim, I started following your blog after I heard about you through DJ last year. I enjoy seeing both your professional and personal work, and other random stuff. I think it’d be really cool if you posted some reviews about different products you use, everything from gear bags to lenses you use. Maybe start with a “what’s in your bag” video or something like that and why you have those things. Just my 2 cents!

  2. Phylicia – orange county – ca.
    I follow your blog because of course i love the picture taking skills but you also write things worth reading.
    I don’t think I could top Chad’s answer. clever.

    (I’ve got some new music I wanna buy – I’m feeling lucky). ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lucinda Mudd Kansas City, Ks… Well I follow this blog b/c we went to school together and its fun to see what your up to, even if its eating moss. Another reason is for inspiration, so thanks!

  4. Fred Barker, Los Angeles, CA. I’ve been following your blog since it was photo-a-day on blogspot. In fact, that was the blog that inspired me to go buy my first camera!

    And the inspiration has kept on coming. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I would actually love to see more of your personal work.

  5. I’m Katie Moos, you know who I am–(this feels a little like an AA meeting–not that I’m an alcoholic) and I stop in from time to time because your my friend and because I have an almost 2 year old and can’t chat long on the phone so instead I stalk you on your blog and leave comments from time to time! Besides you inspire me to blog myself! Thanks!

    I’d like to see more…hhmmmm…pics with Cheryl ! You two are so cute. And maybe some more computer tips on organization (wait–are you actually organized? haha Well I’m not as organized as I’d like to be–so that would be nice too!). Maybe a hot spots list…places you love to photograph! Just some ideas.

    PS- I like the video of gear idea–I might have to do that one of these days, however than I’d have to show them all my shoes and that could take a while! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. i am chad cheverier, orange county california we went to mexico for five days when i had known you for only two weeks. you have seen me naked and taken funny photos of me. i follow this blog hoping you will post photos of me.

  7. My name is Doug Miranda I’ve been following your work ever since day one at Brooks. The both of you are amazing photographers. I would like to see old bike trial stunts that you use to do!!!

  8. Let’s see…Jennifer, Seattle, WA: I found your blog a couple of years ago on the blogger home page. I keep reading because I enjoy your photos and seeing your verve for life! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. This is Roger Halberg, your father. I follow your blog because I want to see that all the time, love, and yes – Money were well invested in you. We love you and believe in you and the work you do. I enjoy the comments from your friends and contacts. There is great pride in seeing your offspring go out on their own and take the risk it takes to be a business owner. I am proud that you are pursuing what you love and pleased that in this day and age we can follow your blog and see what you are up to.
    Even if you called home more often I would be taking advantage of following you on your blog!

  10. Ana Gabriela Delgado, Panama City, Panama, I follow this blog since 2005 when you where working with David Jay, since then I looooove wedding photography… You and DJ even inspired me to take a photography course and now I’m working on building my business here in Panama. I keep following it because I learn a lot, and pictures are simply inspiring and breathtaking. XOXO.

  11. This is Lisa, right here in good old Carp. I follow your blog because it is the only way to keep up with you crazy cats even though you live and work right down the street….maybe the lure of sushi will help us get together more often!!

  12. Hi. My name is Michele and I am live in Lancaster, CA. I somehow stumbled upon your blog one day and have been hooked ever since. I work full time in the corporate world, but I am an aspring photographer who currently does photoshoots for some families and birthday parties. I constantly work to learn more and improve. So I’m a photographer blog stalker for sure. I love seeing yours and other photographers work. Seeing what everyone does kinda helps me to learn a bit more.

    What would I like to see more – maybe some tips for aspiring photographers. Technique tips would be nice too. Since I find I don’t have much of an outlet up here to learn more, I pretty much use the internet as my biggest resource.

  13. My name is Kevin and I follow your blog because I secretly stalk you. Every day I know what time you get up, when you go to work, and how often you go to the bathroom. You drink 4.5 glasses of water per day (leaving the other .5 empty on your night stand), go to the bathroom 4 times for approximately 72 seconds and once for about 8 minutes and 13 seconds (sometimes twice)

    You surf the internet too much and secretly want to be like Magnum PI.

    I think your cool.

    I would like to see you wear OP shorts with Hawaiian shirts more often, and become a Detroit Tigers fan.

  14. My name is Jen Rodgers. I currently live in Phoenix, AZ…but I am from Portland, OR…but lived in SB while going to Westmont. I follow your blog because you do both wedding and portrait photography, you are in one of my fav places in the world – Santa Barbara…and because of your positive outlook on live and business. I found your blog through OSP.


  15. Wow, what a great idea … -great video too. I have followed your blog for a looong time – since the beginning. I am a fellow photog in the Midwest .I find your blog inspiring. Thank you for sharing your work. Armins “whats in your bag?” suggestion is great!

  16. Hi, I’m Janelle from Tampa, FL. I’ve been following your blog since way back when it was “Photo A Day” and featured by Blogger. Although you don’t post them very often anymore, you have taught me to love blurry photos, and I thank you for that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve only commented a couple of times in the past couple of years, and I hereby promise to comment more often! I love it when people comment on mine, so I should probably return the love.

    I’m still very amateur as a photographer, but I’m working on it. I think a great photograph can be extremely powerful and moving, and I’d like to think one day I’ll be able to make an impact with my pictures.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping the blog going for all these years, and keep up the good work!!

  17. Wow… 22 comments already! That’s freaking awesome! So… blogging about wedding photography here in Santa Barbara is good, blogging on what I carry in my bag when I photograph a wedding is good, blogging pictures that I shoot every day is good (I’ll try and be better at that) and I LOVE that you want to see more blurry pictures! I am insanely in love with blurry out-of-focus pictures… so we’ll try and do more of those for sure!

  18. Does it take an education at Brooks to take good blurry pics?! lmbo

    Hey, come on by my house anyday – I’ve got a hard drive full of blurry pics! (2 year olds don’t hold still! – and I think my shutter speed is way too slow!)

  19. Carly from anywhere USA (avoiding creepy stalkers! haha)
    I loved your blog since the days of the dead cat photos! haha- and you’re my sounding board for my many boy problems.
    I’d love to see more pictures of random things you encounter during the day- MORE POWERLINES!

    Talk to you soon!

  20. My name is Ashley. I’ve been following your site since it was on blogger. I love your style of photography, and you convinced me to shoot my first wedding. Since then I have shot two more and one more coming up this summer! I owe you a lot of thanks! I would like to see more of your personal work!

  21. Reading from Seattle/Beijing. found the site through Schmeebot’s blog. I love coming here to see beautiful photos. I’d love/read maybe techniques on how to take good shots since I’m a photo newbie!

  22. Kevin Keith, from Olathe, Kansas (aka Kansas City). I know Tim and Cheryl from school in Santa Barbara. I am a wedding photographer in Kansas City and I think you rock Tim. You have inspired me in the pursuit of my wedding photog career. So, i follow this blog for inspirations and because Tim is full of ridiculously cool stories! Sometimes I try to live vicariously through your adventures. Keep Rockin’ Tim!

  23. Blaine, homeless, but in Cambodia right now… Follow because I need to know what I’m up against in this business! Haha. Not really… just love to keep up on long lost friends that I don’t get too see often enough. Less blurry, more sharpness!!!! Ya I’m a focus natzi…

  24. Rita from Flagstaff, AZ – I’ve been watching your blog for about 2 years, since you did one of my friend’s weddings and I’m a wedding photographer in training and think you’re pretty inspirational (and boy does that sound hokey) :). Basically, I want to be like you when I grow up.

  25. Chrystal, SB, California – I read because I think you guys ROCK and I want to be your best friend! Plus my hubby stalks you so I have to monitor his activity lest he get too obnoxious. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Hi Tim,
    i read your blog b/c your one of Michael and my BFF’s and you helped me start my blog so it’s the least I could do!! Also, I am writing this in lieu of eating sushi with you and Cheryl tonight which was our original plan!! I’m trying to soak up a little of what would have been a lovely evening in your presence…hehe….
    oh, and did I mention your an awesome photographer?? xo

  27. hey tim,
    i like your blog cause you have some pretty cool ideas going on in here. keep it up!

    sorry about not hanging out for dinner tonight.
    im feeling better, but glad i was in side keeping warm. Next week.. promise!!

    jose villa

  28. yo T&C,

    Dara and I follow your blog because we love you guys and love your work. You’ve always got either inspiring, funny, or interesting things to blog about. Plus, I steal all of your ideas and apply them to our wedding photography business in hopes of generating more business! haha.. Much love to you. (pick me for the $20 gift card – I’ll act suprized I swear!)

  29. bart, now in Napa, CA but was working in Japan and loved looking at your blog to be reminded of home in CA. i first saw your blog listed on the “blogs of note” when it was photo-a-day.

  30. Hi Tim & Cheryl,

    Roger showed me how to do this. I love to come and see what you have on here but thot it wasn’t working. However, it seems that it does! He is leaving so I did not read any of this, yet. Have to go back and do it. And look at the pix and whatever. Love you guys! Hope I can make this a regular stop, now.

  31. Tim and Cheryl,

    Guess I missed the drawing – duh?

    I follow your blog for the same reason Jose does – great ideas, photos, and just want to stay in touch.
    Still way proud of you and your creative endeavors!
    Want to get over to SB to see your office and of course the beach!

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