How people find my site…????

As a wedding photographer, you expect that people will find your site by searching for “Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers” or some other variation of that search…

I’ve posted before and mentioned some of the VERY strange search terms people have used to find my site, but I was pretty proud today when someone searched “Tough” and came up with my website!!! I guess the working out has been paying off! (well… if you call a hike and two xc mountain bike rides this week working out??)

Some other random search terms include: 98, four, zkike(come on… who searches for zkike??), holga, class, and a ton of others… too crazy!! but soooo fun to watch!!

I know quite a few of the readers of this blog have their own blogs and websites… what are some odd search terms people have used and ended up on your site with??

Wedding Photography Santa Barbara Central Coast Wineries

Pictures to come after tomorrow’s wedding!

Oh… actually, I’ll share some pictures from this past weekend’s wedding asap!! How could I forget!!

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