How people find my website……….

It’s always fun to watch the back-end of my website server seeing how people are finding my website when they do searches on sites like Google and Yahoo.

I’m always stoked when people search for terms like Wedding Photographer Santa Barbara, or Photography Website, and they end up finding me.

But, it’s SUPER random when I see people searching for things like hydrocodone, , buick, block island, pontiac and other random things, and they find my website….

So… if you’re one of those people who found my site by searching for some VERY RANDOM words or string of words, let me know!

And just for fun, hit up Google Maps and search for directions from New York to London. You’ll come up with some really funny results. (I know… I’m behind the times on this one… I think I first heard about this a few years back, but it’s still hilarious!!)

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