I am so excited about my job! Being a wedding photographer rocks!!

Seriously, today we get to go spent the entire afternoon on a real ranch photographing a beautiful wedding just over the hill from Santa Barbara! It’s the perfect weather, I’ve got all my new fun gear, and I’m just excited to be taking pictures of a couple who is in love and ready to be married! (wow… that sounds a bit cheesy huh? maybe there’s a reason I do this for a living) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also, it’s fun as a photographer when your work is on display, be it in the office, in a gallery setting, or online on your own website. This week Cheryl’s new website went live!!! It’s based off of my current website, so now we have matching sites. ๐Ÿ™‚ And!!! We’re finally getting everything combined so that instead of being our own separate entities, we are now Halberg Photographers! Check out the new splash page at http://www.halbergphotographers.com

I feel soooo priveledged to be able to make a living as a wedding photographer here in Santa Barbara! What a blessing and what a fun time!! So many awesome industry professionals surrounding you to share the business with and such good friends to!

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4 thoughts on “I am so excited about my job! Being a wedding photographer rocks!!”

  1. Dude, you are a blessed man, there’s only one big guy to thank for everything you have! Blessings to you Cheryl. ps. your new site splash rocks, love the tree pop-up, reminds me of how those 3d books i had when i was a kid opened right up, love it.

  2. dude, your stuff from oahu is insane, i can truly say from experience the color over there is better. Dude, keep up the good work and give your wife a huge hug, for us, tell her that her images are world class and insane! you have some competition Tim!

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