I got my knife!!!

Well… Cheryl got my knife… I’m up in Sacramento hanging out with one of my good buddies from high school, but she took a picture of my knife for me!

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Knife

Such a brut!! (i’ll get a better picture later)

Can’t wait til next week! My good friend Taylor Abeel, who I hiked the John Muir Trail with a few years back, and I are headed to the Sierras on Sunday to do a little Man vs. Wild inspired surviving. I’d say Survivor Man, but he’s just not as exciting to watch… and hopefully the video footage from our trip will be a bit more fun to watch!

Today I made it to REI and to the Tin Soldier to buy the last few supplies we’ll be carrying with us. (pretty much a canteen, a tin for cooking in, some small little survival bits and pieces – ie: wire and string to trap animals with – and this knife) I’ll post a picture of the gear before we take off!

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