I haven’t blogged about our wedding photography in too long

I’ve managed to photograph three weddings (two here in Santa Barbara) without blogging a single one!

So, enough of that, I’m going to play catchup here over the next couple of days.

Nate and Kristen are friends of ours and it was such an honor and so fun at the same time to be a part of their wedding day. Watching them grow in their relationship is something that we don’t get to do with most of our couples. These two are seriously THE sweetest/kindest/loving couple ever! Their wedding was on February 9 with their wedding ceremony at our church: Reality Carpinteria with the wedding reception in Santa Barbara at the Cabrillo Arts Pavillion.

Santa Barbara Wedding of Nate and Kristen Harmony

Nate and Kristen were so much fun at their Santa Barbara Wedding

Wedding Photographer and the jump shot with Kristen and Nate in Santa Barbara

The PERFECT wedding photograph picture

Sunset at a wedding here in Santa Barbara

Check out Nate and Kristen’s slideshow by clicking here.

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