I only dream of the day I get to play in the WSOP!!

My best friend Erik and I have long dreamed of playing in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas! Hopefully if both of us are successful in our careers, someday in the future we can afford to plop down $10,000 cash in order to play in the world’s biggest poker tournament!!!

This year’s tournament is limited to 12,000 players!!! And no doubt they’ve filled that along with alternates!!! That’s about $120,000,000 (yes 120 million) in play!!!! WOW!!!!

I’ve heard stories about guys who knew guys who have played in the WSOP. Well, this year, I’m a guy who knows a guy playing! One of my photographer buddies Becker is playing this year! He won a seat at the tournament by playing in and winning a satellite tournament earlier this year!

He’s made it through the first day (there’s 4 first days!!! with a total of 12 days of play for one single game/tournament!!) He returns tomorrow I believe to play in “day 2” of the tournament. At this point, it’s cheaper for me to live vicariously through his entry!! Can’t wait to see how he does!
Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer World Series of Poker

3 thoughts on “I only dream of the day I get to play in the WSOP!!”

  1. So what you are saying is that we need to get another poker night going to satisfy your poker appetite.

    BTW – One of my frat bros placed in last year’s WSOP. He won just enough to cover his buy-in.

    Good luck to Becker!

  2. deyl, I actually heard some guys talking about your old renter the other night at a poker game at Becker’s.

    Erik – lol, yeah… I’m really feeling the need for a good night of poker and soon! I was trying to find a local game this week…but so far no love

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