I was feeling extremely un-inspired today, so me a…

I was feeling extremely un-inspired today, so me and Jefferson Todd thought that was the perfect reason to take a few hours and go hike around San Clemente with our cameras and a 50mm 1.4 lens to see what we could come up with.

This is what I saw:

6 thoughts on “I was feeling extremely un-inspired today, so me a…”

  1. Holritz Photography

    What’s up!!!! It was so great getting to see you and Cheryl last week!!! Wow! You guys are awesome, and you’re going to do so well!

    Great imagery!


  2. Heya Tim, aw its been a while – thanks for the comment, must email you some new tracks ive recorded. man, Gods been doing some amazing stuff!!
    Loving all your pics by the way – your my idol when it comes to photography! you should check out my mate Dave, he’s just started a blog, not alot on there at the mo, but do check it out.
    its not his job, but he’s very passionate about it and I think he’s great!
    i’ll be intouch again by mail.


    ps – CONGRATS ON THE ENGAGEMENT!!!! thats so fantastic!!

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