I wish this was my lamp

I wish this was my lamp

14 thoughts on “I wish this was my lamp”

  1. I do not wish to have it, but goot pictures.. i do not like so much the blurring in the first shot 🙂

    How r u Tim? I wish to have your opinion for a couple of pictures I did in the last days.. can you? 😉

  2. I love pictures that take ordinary objects and see them in new light or new angles. These are wonderful. I really like the second one with the wall angles and the last one up close with the blurring in depth. I have been watching your site for a while and am truly inspired to rekindle my own artwork and photography skills.

  3. catalogs and prints

    i like the lamp pictures…its so good…the depth the color..but it has a little flaw with brightness but dont worry it have been compensated with the uniqueness of the photo..nice use of space also…i love the last one with the blurring effect!!!

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