If you are ever in New Jersey you MUST visit Wine Library!!!

I have been following a video blog for sometime now called WineLibraryTV. This is an AWESOME blog run by Gary Vaynerchuck, who’s dad I believe owns the Wine Library. It is what it’s name states… if you want to purchase good wine, this is the place to do it, either in person, or via online ordering on the web! That said, definitely check it out!

Gary posted every work day with a quirky and great/honest review of wines, both that his company sells, and that people ask him to review.

Having been a Vayniac for sometime now, it was an absolute must stop for myself and Cheryl while we were in NJ!

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  1. oh… and I should mention… the place is honestly about 10 times the size of my hometown’s library!!! It’s HUGE. I think their entire building is like 3-5 stories tall, and the wine for browsing takes up 2 stories!! Along with some really good cheese and more!!

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