I’m looking to update my website with…

I’m looking to update my website with a few new weddings in the gallery section, and I need your input for what music to use.

I know I’m probably going to use something by Imogen Heap, I really wanted to try and use something by Regina Spektor, but the sound just didn’t quite fit what I want.

My good buddy D is my go to man for when I need help, and he’s suggested Colbie Caillat, and she has a pretty good sound, but I’m still looking for a few more options.

Does anyone have any good suggestions? I kinda want to keep with the same vibe that I’ve already got going, so if you haven’t watched my slideshows recently, cruise into the weddings section of my site and check it out. (oh yeah, and I don’t want another country song, it just fit for the one wedding because it was in Texas!) 🙂

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