I’m now a holga wedding photographer

Yep, I have now crossed the line. I have photographed part of a wedding, as the primary photographer with a holga camera, and I LOVED it!!!

Jaime and Jeff were a blast to photograph. Jaime works for Fox Studios in the creative/design department, and she brought her own holga camera for me to play with at her wedding, already loaded with film. All I had to do was point it at her, and voila, beautiful pictures!

I only shot 1 roll of 12 exposures, but I’m super excited with what I got! I’m going to have to buy a holga to play with at my weddings this year. (for those who are not familiar with holga, this is a plastic/toy camera that shoots medium format film. This is not a professional camera. It has a plastic lens, and one shutter speed and one f-stop.)

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