Internet and SEO for Tim Halberg

I’m such a computer geek that sometimes I realize that maybe I should be embarrassed… And I think this is one of those times.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a little side hobby that I’m trying to educate myself on (ok… I enjoy a TON of side hobbies… but this just happens to be one I spend too much time on after the discovery of blog).

Part of staying up on this for myself, I am constantly hitting Google and searching for Tim Halberg or Tim Halberg Photography.

The idea is, your own website with your namesake should pop up first… well, sadly, my former blog, which was hijacked several months ago by someone who is posting other people’s pictures up, now comes up first when you search for my name. Weird, you’d think a search for Tim Halberg would get to show up as the first result… scary. I just wish I could contact the guy and find a way to get that url back.

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