It’s official!

I finally changed my name to Cheryl May Halberg!! (previously Cheryl May Knowlton).

Being newly weds Tim and I had no idea what we had to do to get my name changed! We asked around to a bunch of our friends and at first we thought we simply had to wait till we received our marriage license in the mail! But we couldn’t be any more wrong! 🙂 lol.

We found out then that we were supposed to go to the Santa Barbara Courthouse to purchase a copy of the license. So this past Tuesday I did just that, along with heading to the social security office to get a new SS card and the DMV to update my drivers license.

As I left to go do all that I was dreading the long lines and rude people. But to my pleasant surprise it really didn’t take long at all! I must have hit everything a good time :). At the DMV I ran into an old Brooks Institute classmate Eric Distel, as well as a super cheery man working the camera. I think we all typically think of DMV workers as bitter, stogy old people who hate their job, but it was so awesome to run into a man who brightened people’s day while working at the DMV, what a blessing he is!!

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