I’ve been incredibly busy speaking on photography in Santa Barbara and shooting

I just missed my self imposed deadline of getting a newsletter done in February… so, I should have a ton of new stuff to share in that which hasn’t been on my blog. But, since the newsletter probably won’t be sent until next week, I figured it might be good to share a bit of what I’ve been up to and why we’ve been so busy.

We’ve been shooting weddings, and I haven’t had a chance to share those pictures… but those will be in the newsletter.

I just photographed the MOST AMAZING and beautiful event setup done by Armando from Alegria by Design! He is truly gifted and talented! Anyone should be so lucky as to have him design their wedding or event! I will share pictures from this hopefully in the next week.

I’ve been speaking a bit lately, once to the Wedding Photography class at my alamater Brooks Institute of Photography for Tim Meyer. He invited me to share with his class and we had a fun little session in which I got to spout out a lot of my view and opinions on wedding photography. Hopefully I helped inspire.

The following week I was at Brooks judging portfolios for Tri’s 203 portfolio class. It was really fun to review the work that all of the students are creating! There is some amazing stuff in there!! I was VERY impressed by quite a few of the portfolios I had the chance to review. And the really cool thing was that it inspired me to push myself even further!

Then, I spoke to the local Pictage User’s Group (PUG) on workflow specifically Lightroom and Photo Mechanic. This was a really fun opportunity. I’ve been told by people on different occassions I should pursue speaking in the industry, and I’ve pretty much avoided it up til now, but when I was asked to present my workflow and share what’s working for me, I was pretty excited. I think there were about 16 in the group listening to me, and I was very thankful that was it! hehe.

Here are a few pictures that Anna Costa took of me while I was presenting at their sweet new condo to the PUG group! I grabbed them from her awesome blog where she shares WAY TOO much person info! hehe, so fun!

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers Pictage User Group

Santa Barbara photographer Tim Halberg presents to the Santa Barbara PUG

Wedding Photographers gathered in Santa Barbara to hear me speak on lightroom

Santa Barbara speaking Tim Halberg presents to fellow wedding photographer

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