Jack and Teresa’s New Jersey Wedding!

Being a children’s portrait photographer, one of my worst fears is losing my ability to see. I can’t imagine how difficult life would be, how many obsticals I would have to overcome and just how drastically my life would change.

This past saturday Tim and I shot a wedding in New Jersey, it was so beautiful there!! Everything was a lush green with splashes of color from cherry blossom trees and other spring blossoms. We had a blast photographing Jack and Teresa’s wedding. This couple was so in love and so full fo life and faith!

Jack being fully blind, was such a joy to be around and watching him and Teresa interact with each other was truly wonderful. They were such a testimony of what love is… patient, kind, trustworthy, full of grace and much more. During their ceremony they shared about how they came together and how God brought Jack through a challenging and rough road to learn in the end what it means to be redeemed by God and covered in His grace and mercy. It nearly brought me to tears!

I feel so blessed to be a part of their wedding day, here are a few of the moments I captured:

For more of Jack and Teresa’s wedding pictures check out Tim’s blog and their slideshow

Tim and I are flying back into Santa Barbara tomorrow after a fun and amazing trip to New Jersey and New York! Our weekend is crazy booked but I’m hoping I get a chance to share more about our trip soon! 🙂 I can’t wait to tell you about all that we did!

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