Jan 23 Business, Marketing and SEO Workshop – Only a few seats left – Santa Monica, CA

We’re quickly approaching the big day, the first of several Business, Marketing and SEO workshops for wedding professionals will be taking place on January 23 in Santa Monica!

Seats have been steadily filling up, if you want to book your seats before the price goes up, try and get signed up before this weekend hits.

Kenny and I have been going over the program and I’m amped for the things I’m learning about seo just from talking about what we’re going to talk about… I can’t wait to actually hear his presentation! (there’s always something new I learn from Kenny, he’s a HUGE wealth of knowledge in this department) Since announcing the workshop we’ve been putting some effort into getting our website ranking for “destination wedding photographer” with google, and we’ve made some AWESOME progress, from never having ranked for the term before, quickly to the middle of page two, and now on most people’s search results we’ve made it onto page 1!! (something new I’ve been learning from Kenny, depending on where you’re located and how often you search a specific phrase, your search results can be skewed, and the results take a little while to update to servers located in different parts of the country/world) wild stuff!

Can’t wait to see you at the workshop!

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