John Muir Trail through hike Day 2 – Toulumne over Donahue

JMT 2008

Day 2 7.6.08

16+ miles totaly for the day, and we slept in and didn’t start until about 2 p.m. (having hiked 25 or more miles out the gate on the first day created two fairly tired hikers. So, today we hiked our hearts out up and over our first Pass – Donahue Pass.

If we thought the mosquitos were bad at Sunrise – wow – They are TERRIBLE here!!!

We camped on this really flat area overlooking Waugh Lake and with Banner Peak off to the other side of us in all of it’s glory (I believe it was made famous by the one and only Ansel Adams)

Really a beautiful spot.

We haven’t been purifying water, but it looks pretty safe to drink (on my last through hike it was so early in the season and all fresh snow melt, so for the second half of our trip we mailed our filter home and drank straight from the Sierra and never got sick) But today we did notice a bit of red snow up stream from where we were drinking, hoping that doesn’t make us sick. (usually won’t know for 11 days after you drink the bad water)

We are left with about 21 miles for Monday’s hike to Red’s Meadow to meet up with Taylor and Peter (they’ll be hiking the second portion of the trip with us) Hopefully the mosquitos dies down as we go.

I was praying like crazy over the pass – at over 11,000′ I’m usually getting knocked pretty hard by the altitude, God was good and I didn’t feel crappy at all and was able to hike through it, maybe a little slower, but I kept giong and didn’t feel sick as normal.

We took a bunch of self portraits on the trail using our trekking poles with this neat new invention called the Stick Pic attached to the end of the pole to hold our camera! too cool.

Self portrait with the Stick Pic

John Muir Trail through hike 2008 Donahue Pass

John Muir Trail camp on Day two of a Through Hike

The Gossamear Gear The One tent on the John Muir Trail

Banner Peak in the morning light before hiking to Red’s Meadow.

Santa Barbara wedding photographer on the John Muir Trail

For those of you who are following along on this trip report, I asked in the first day report how many blisters you guys thought I got while on the trail. No one has guessed correctly yet. If you’ve already guessed, you can’t guess again, but I know there are more of you reading this, so drop a comment, pick a number and take a guess. To answer Cody’s question, if a blister forms within a blister after the original has already popped, no, it doesn’t count as a second blister.

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