Justin and Erica’s Santa Ynez Engagement Adventure

Justin and I go way back – we knew each other when I was still in high school and we were racing mountain bikes all over the Tehachapi mountains. So when I heard Justin was engaged, I knew this was going to make for some exciting photos and a good time with he and Erica.

Meeting Erica, I was intrigued at how well she could keep up with Justin (some might suggest Justin may be “brash”) Personally, I find Justin entertaining and feel like I can let loose and be myself around him, and it seems that Erica has discovered that same quality around him herself.

When Justin mentioned bringing bikes into the equation for the engagement session I was smiling, and when he suggested we go explore Santa Barbara’s back country for some secluded fields and roads, I knew exactly where we needed to go.



Justin and Erica didn’t require much of any pushing on my part – if anything, they were pushing me the entire time!




To say that Justin could shock anyone at any one moment might be a slight understatement – but as innocent as she looks, Erica can shock right back with the best of them!









I loved my session with Justin and Erica and now can’t wait for their wedding day, that will definitely be an adventure upon itself!0226_IMG_8708

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