Kara’s face, eyes and mouth

Kara’s face, eyes and mouth

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  1. Hello! Just amazing photos! beautiful model! 🙂 I imagine you have probably received this question endless time… however: I am in love with photography! I own many photography books and admire GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY! I want to embark on the journey of photography but would not know where to start. I own a little 35mm and a digital camera but they are nothing out of this world. I am interested in microphotography, people, shapes, shadows, etc. However, I am on a strict budget right now. What do you suggest as far as a camera? I would like something digital that would allow me to experiment. I thought I could buy something on eBay to get started. Can you offer some suggestions? Make, type, lenses, etc… I plan to take a course in January but I am in a completely different profession (medical field) and this would just be my hobby (maybe, hahaha…). Who knows?

    Thank you so much for an advice you would be willing to share. I would truly appreciate it.

    Again, thank you for sharing your photos with the rest of us mortals (hahahah…).


  2. Great job with your high-key stuff. I enjoy watching this blog – I only wish I had the time to take a few shots, edit, and post them every day. What an idea!


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