Kevin and Mindi’s wedding at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library

Kevin and Mindi’s wedding was super fun because it was like a reunion for Cheryl, she went to Biola with Mindi and Kevin and has a ton of mutual friends, so she got to mingle while also getting some great shots!

We’d never been to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library before, but wow, what a neat place! I hope that there’s a Library/museum of this stature in honor of me one day! 😉

 Kevin and Mindi’s Richard Nixon Library Wedding Photos

Yorba Linda wedding photos Richard Nixon Library

Mindi’s dress was stunning, and made for a great wedding photo detail

Mindi and Kevin’s Yorba Linda Richard Nixon Library Wedding

Wedding veils are a photogapher’s dream come true

Black and white wedding photography

Wedding prayers over Kevin were beautiful for wdding photography

Kevin and Mini at the Richard Nixon Library Wedding

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers take on Richard Nixon Library Photography

sexy edgy wedding photography is what we try and deliver

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