Kinda ran out of time on the way to dinner to sho…

Kinda ran out of time on the way to dinner to shoot pictures, but then I realized how much gas is now, so I thought I would document that. I remember paying $.99 one time, and this is a definite contrast to that.

12 thoughts on “Kinda ran out of time on the way to dinner to sho…”

  1. Yah, and your grasping at Straws trying to get that shot in. Are we going tro get treated to this every day? Uh Well I ran out of time so I took A Picture of my Foot…. etc. etc…

    Ok so far you are passing!

  2. Next time take 2 more minutes and compose your shot, it could be of your foot, and then you won’t have to make the excuse. Remember this is you photo essay…what you want to shoot, when you want to shoot it, and how you want to shoot it.

    Blog “as if” you meant it and we won’t know the difference. 🙂

  3. You think Gas/Petrol is expensive there!! Currently over here in Ireland its on average 1.20euro per liter. That works out at about 5.80 per gallon in your terms!!

    So count yourselves lucky! :o)

  4. I think that you a very original blog, i want to make mine similar in display but will definately not have as many pictures as yours. I will not steal your idea dont worry.
    P.S. Opensource photo is wrong ur blog is not depressing.

  5. Every one wishes they could rewind back the hands of time for one reason or another but I am pretty sure that everyone wishes that they could transfer back to the times when you could put ten dollars in your car and actually ride around for atleast a week.

  6. I remember in high school putting $.15 into my car to get home from school. Lol.. I don’t think that’d get u a half block these days ey..

    Wow, I can’t imagine paying for gas anywhere in Europe, though I hear in parts of South America it’s less than $.50 a gallon…

  7. I’m not very old and I remember when gas was less than $0.99! When I was in diapers it was $0.48– one of the few things I remember from my tike-hood.

  8. question: what the hell is with the american system of putting 9/10 at the end of a price in decimal form already!?

    if the price is 3.09 & 9/10ths just write 3.099 already! or round it up 10% of a penny and make it 3.10… lets not kid ourselves.

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