Kyle and Becca’s Playful Wedding

When connecting with new couples I’m looking for how adventurous and/or playful they are. I knew pretty quickly upon meeting Kyle and Becca for the first time that these guys were playful, but it wasn’t until their wedding day that I realized just how extremely playful they are!

Being able to just let them be themselves and goof off together set me up for an easy day of beautiful photos. Learning new slang terms like “docking” made my day – though I also had Cheryl elbowing me in the side telling me to stop using my new word… soooo much fun.

Kyle has the ability to have Becca laughing at a moments notice – and to do so all day long!


Becca was absolutely stunning at her wedding and I loved the little details on her dress like the removable sleeves!



Details – who doesn’t like a personalized hanger?



I’m obsessed with reflections, and even more so those with hidden messages.


Becca and her bridesmaids were absolutely adorable together.


Becca’s friends buttoned her dress like champs – all the time playing and laughing together.


I’m afraid of horses… but it didn’t stop me from pushing Kyle to walk a horse during their wedding portraits – though I did feel bad when I found out he might be afraid of horses too!


Seeing a couple hold each other is special – everyone does it a bit differently, and I think this is a huge part of Kyle and Becca’s story.


When finding poses with couples I like to get them to play together – with Kyle and Becca playing together came as naturally as you or me breathing!


So animated, so fun, so playful!

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