Lake Tahoe wedding engagement photography

Most couples I work with I never get to meet until the engagement session – the same was the story with Nick and Kayla – after phone calls and emails, we finally had a chance to meet in Lake Tahoe for some beers and photos.

Nick and Kayla’s Lake Tahoe wedding this summer will be on the Lake’s shore – so we decided to look for something that still had a Tahoe feel, but wasn’t on the shore – that’s how we ended up on the River doing photos in the snow! These two were game to be spontaneous as we ventured into the snow and across the river.

Lake Tahoe weding engagement 01

I love it when couples are game to go off-trail and get a little dirty or in this case, cold and wet. Nick and Kayla were champs to tromp off into the snow!

Lake Tahoe weding engagement 02

Lake Tahoe weding engagement 03

As much as I like to be a part of the adventure, sometimes I find it’s good to step back and let couples have moments by themselves – Nick and Kayla were able to relax and do their thing while I captured the moments.

Lake Tahoe weding engagement 04

Probably the biggest reason I photograph weddings is that I get to experience things about people – like how they light each other up with their personalities, creating smiles you wouldn’t quite see otherwise.Lake Tahoe weding engagement 05

Lake Tahoe weding engagement 06

Lake Tahoe weding engagement 07

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