Lake Tahoe Wedding of Jenna and Jake

Adventurous and classy..those are two words I would use when describing Jenna and Jake. Like me they love nature and the activities associated with it. They actually met in a climbing gym. My previous couple Chuck and Kerry referred them to me because they felt we’d make a good fit. When we first began talking about their wedding, I was thrilled to hear that they had climbed three pitches of El Capitan in Yosemite! That’s one of my favorite places on earth! On top of all that, they are two of the most genuine and generous people I’ve met. Their love of Lake Tahoe and water sports confirmed that we had to work together.

Everything about this wedding was in my wheel house. The wedding was held at a private estate overlooking the lake in Tahoe City. Tons of details made it a dream to shoot. The icing on the cake for me was the man bar with whiskey and cigars….LOVE! Add a dance party full of mischief and fun, and you’ve got my ideal wedding.

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Special thanks to the talents of the vendor team on this fabulous day:

Wedding Planner: Merrily Wed | Florist: Martha Beryk Floral Design | Band: String Beings | DJ: Jonathan Chapin | Beauty: Bella Vita | Desserts: Ikeda’s | Gown: Ines Di Santo | Grooms Formal Attire: Bonobos

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