Last Night

Last Night

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  1. You have tremendous stuff… Having Santa Barbara, one of America’s finely honed jewels, as your inspiration is a good choice. Take care, B.

  2. wow your work is amazing! i myself am an aspiring photographer! i’m only 14 so i have a long way to go, but i love looking at other photographers work. awesome!
    come by and leave me a comment!

  3. great blog! i’m a high school student and i’m really interested in photography…i’ve been known to take over 500 pictures in 3 weeks. i love photos that depict the beauty in everyday life, and i really like your photos!

  4. WOW… your pictures are stunning… i am in absolute awe of the beaty you capture through that instrument. You so got me interested in photography!!

  5. thanks for that great blog. it offers a beautiful way of learning about the us… really awsome pictures, tim!!! lokking forward to seeing many more…

    greets from berlin, germany… *kristina*

  6. your photos are awesome. if you’re interested in providing prints, you may want to check out Thru there, you can offer your prints on shirts, framed pictures, non framed…even put a book together. you should definitely check it out.

  7. Great shots… Inspired from you I also have started an amateur photo blog.All pics taken with the camera in my mobile, so not with great resolution… Check it out..

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