Learning from other wedding photographers is sooo awesome!!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to get a little mushy on my blog and share about how awesome the community of wedding photographers can be! I’ve got a great list of awesome wedding photographers who have helped mentor us and give advice when need be, and I’m always amazed at how open and ready to share all of their “secrets to success” these guys are!!!

Not that a short list does it justice, but some of these guys include: David Jay, Michael and Anna Costa, Jose Villa (who’s doing a workshop here shortly, see details below), Melissa Musgrove, Mike Larson, Shaun Austin, Brody Dezember and David and Franky Salomone. Seriously, these are some of the best of the best, and they’ve all been such an awesome influence in my business and in constantly offering a helping hand, not to mention just being awesome and fun friends and AMAZING photographers!!!

I’m super stoked for my buddy Jose Villa who is holding his first ever workshop/seminar for photographers!!! Jose is a super awesome/talented photographer (sponsored by Fuji Film – YES, he’s a film shooter) 😉 and I love the guy to pieces!! He’s so down to earth and ready to share! I remember when I first moved to Santa Barbara and heard about him, I thought he was a total “untouchable!” (I told him this one day and he says he’s heard it before and has NO clue why people think of him that way)

You can check out a ton of info about Jose’s workshop by clicking here, or typing josevillaworkshops.com into your browser!

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I know they’ve put a cap on the number of photographers who can attend, so if you’re interested, I’d HIGHLY suggest getting signed up ASAP!!!!

Not only will Jose Villa himself be sharing his knowledge/skills, but he also has two AWESOME guests who will be presenting with him: Jesh de Rox and

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