Life has been cruising along, and I’ve been ignori…

Life has been cruising along, and I’ve been ignoring the blog. So, here are two quick pics from today.

One, we just bought a new-to-us car (ie: used car)

Me and Cheryl both secretly (maybe even openly) had wanted a Toyota Tacoma for a while and so we decided it would be wise to sell both vehicles we own right now and buy a Tacoma. They’re supposed to run for AGES without breaking down. (now the curious part is, that anyone who knows me well knows that this would be my 10th car. Being that I’m 26 years old, you can do the math. I don’t usually keep cars more than a year) So, the fact that it runs for ages and people have told me on multiple occasions that this puppy will run for 300,000 miles, I don’t think that will ever factor into my car owning equation.

And because it’s Sunday and Cheryl and I had to be at church at 8 a.m. (we don’t normally get up til closer to 10 a.m.) to prep for teaching Sunday school, it’s been a lazy day around our house. So I tossed in a quick pic of Cheryl sleeping. We’ll see how long it takes for her to read my blog and notice that I posted a pic of her.

Oh, and for those of you who haven’t checked out Cheryl’s website hop over there and check it out: I believe she just recently updated it and added in some awesome family portraits she recently shot. That girl can freaking shoot!!!! I can’t believe the portraits she does!!! (I married a good one! I keep telling her that I plan to retire from the business she’s gonna get!!)

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