Looking for your opinion about my website!!!

Alright guys/gals! I’m looking for everyone’s opinion (though I’ll give more weight to “non-photographer” types, I’d really like to get some of my past and future brides to commment)

We’re working on a new website. It should release in the next month, but I’m trying to figure out if everyone is really digging on the video slideshows in the galleries section, or if people would prefer to click through the pictures one-at-a-time?

I really like the video slideshows because I feel they help to capture the emotion and feel of each wedding individually, but I’d love to hear what you think!

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9 thoughts on “Looking for your opinion about my website!!!”

  1. I really like your site. It’s really clean and airy, perfect for a wedding photography site. As for the slideshows, keep ’em! For the same reasons you expressed. They’re very pleasant to watch.

  2. I love the video! Please keep them. They’re fun and inspiring to watch. (I am a “photographer type”, so you don’t need to pay any mind…)

  3. I like the video slide shows because you get to see both — the emotional aspect with the music, OR, you can click on the gallery icon and flip through the images at your own speed. Choice is good! (For what it’s worth, since I’m a photographer-type and I only have one picture from my wedding day. I’d give anything for a cool slide show. *sigh*)

  4. Sup Buddy,
    As an admirer of your work, I like to check in for the latest pics on your site. And being the impatient control-freak that I am, I like to scroll through pics at my own pace (without a slide show)…Which is why i spend most of my time on your blog, instead of your website.

    But if I were shopping for a wedding photog, I would be shopping for someone who could capture the spirit of our wedding. And I think that the slideshows (set to music) better captures the emotion, conveys the experience and sells your services. So I definitely would not remove the slideshows from your site.

    Best Wishes, Erik

  5. my vote… I dig the video slideshows. It is a bit labor intensive to click through a bunch of shots. I love to sit back, relax, and take it in. You have a gift and the shows are beautiful. Keep the shows… please. If you would like to add the option of clicking thru shots… ok but don’t stop doing what you do sooooo well.

  6. -another note… I have shown your site to many people… and they all love it. No neg. thoughts ever. They LOVE it… and your amazing work!!

  7. I like the slideshows on the website, because as a sales tool it is phenomenal — it gives you the whole spirit of a wedding and the music adds emotion. But I think the option to flip through one-by-one, or at least pause the show to take a longer look at a specific shot, would be a good addition. You might also consider naming the artist and song that goes along with the show … the music is always great!

    Your photos are always amazing — I’ve read your blog for quite a while now (my bookmark is still titled “Photo-A-Day”). But please keep using the individual photos on the blog!!

  8. Being one of the many “brides” we were honored to have you photograph our wedding w/ Mark of course, we could not have been more pleased. I think you guys enjoyed it as much as we did on such a warm day and perfect pool water. Our slide show was set to perfect music, shows you really capture the persons you are taking photos of. Here we are going on a year of marriage already, and I’m more in love today. Congrad’s on your marriage. Health and Happiness Always

  9. Jennifer Smoyer

    Being a “future” bride of you guys, we LOVED our engagment shoot slideshow!!!! Something about having it set to perfect music creates this whole little intimate story that you don’t get as much when just scrolling through your pictures. It makes every set of pictures so different. Plus it is such a handy thing to show family and friends because then it saves them from having to scroll through all the hundreds of pictures. We love our slideshow and from our experience with it others seem to enjoy viewing them in that form as well! We know that we are going to love our wedding one too! ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys are so awesome at what you do and I wouldn’t change your slideshows for a second! ๐Ÿ™‚

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