Lots of updates on our website this week!!

I’m in the middle of updating our galleries with new photos as well as adding some fun new pages about where we’ve been published and much more.

I will post up when we get it completed, but in the meantime, definitely check out our new bio and packages pages.

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2 thoughts on “Lots of updates on our website this week!!”

  1. Dude! I remember seeing this and thinking “what a lucky photographer!!!” Then I was like, “wait… a bunch of people died. Nevermind.”

    Either way, rad photos 🙂


  2. I have a daughter getting married on 3/29/09 and shes looking for a photographer. Shes a model and does alot of work in la and is looking. Please call or email me asp if you have the date available.Also we need your price list and what you offer.

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