Making the Transition From Student to Wedding Photographer

Tonight I spoke at my Ala Mater Brooks Institute of Photography (now simply Brooks Institute) about wedding photography and making the transition from photography school student to professional wedding photographer. (basically exactly what I went through about 4 years back)

It was really an honor to be invited to give this presenation by Chuck Place for the Santa Barbara/Brooks ASMP group. I had a blast sharing with students who are sitting where I was just 4 years ago.

This was probably the most thorough presentation I’ve ever given… I didn’t go super into depth on any one thing, but sure did cover a LOT of stuff. Someone told me they took four pages of notes, which is pretty awesome (I had 5 pages of notes when I created the presentation)

Check out the poster they had hanging up at the campuses to promote it:

Santa Barbara Wedding Photography ASMP Brooks Institute Presentation

I talked about blogging for a few minutes and felt inspired to start catching up on my blog… so be looking out for a TON of new updates/posts coming up in the next week!

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