Metal Business Cards – Adventurous. Playful. Indulgent.

Being able to express myself has always been important to me. Be it through the monster truck I drive, the beers I drink, my hair (yes, I go to a “stylist”…. she’s awesome) or in my marketing materials – I want to scream “this is me” every chance I get.

As I clarify my message more and more I spent a solid month researching different materials for business cards. I looked into wood, cardboard (no, really, as in a used cardboard box), plastic, paper, chocolate, rubber, clothe, leather – but I always came back around to metal.

I wasn’t sure these were going to work out as well as I hoped, but the minute they arrived, I knew they were perfection:

Metal Business Card 2

Metal Business Card 1

Metal Business Card 3

Looking forward to sharing my card with you next time I see you!



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