More news coverage!

I got a call today from Christine with “Money 101” on KNX 1070 radio. Turns out, they saw the article about me video taping my neighbor stealing my newspaper and want to interview me live on the air!

I wonder if I should have warned them that I speak SUPER fast!

If anyone wants to tune in and listen to me try and not make a fool of myself, I believe the interview will be around 10:15 a.m. on Monday morning.

Just got off the radio! lol, I guess there is a whole movement in society where people are publicly shaming each other on the internet. There are sites devoted to reporting bad drivers and such.

My video of my neighbor stealing my newspaper which I posted on YouTube seems to have caught on as part of this latest fad. Strange thing is, I just posted mine up to share with some friends! It’s amazing how big YouTube is these days! I wish I’d have come up with that idea!!!

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