My home groupies and I at the Chronicles of Narnia…

My home groupies and I at the Chronicles of Narnia sneak preview

8 thoughts on “My home groupies and I at the Chronicles of Narnia…”

  1. allison WONDERland

    How was it? I have the old one made in “England” well some place like that at least. Very old but I liked that one and it came with a recipe for the Danish delights, which was exciting! Let me know how this one is. Thanks. – Fun pics.

  2. It was good. Seriously worth watchingm, and probably like the original, geared a bit more toward the kids, but still good stuff.

  3. The Creative Death

    ooh that looked good, I haven’t read the books in AGES!
    Sneak peak huh?
    Makes you sound all stealthy and important.
    Cool stuff.

  4. How fun!!! I finally saw Narnia today and it was good! I was really glad that they stuck closely to the book. When I first heard that Disney was doing it, I was afraid that they’d throw in lots of other stuff and change it completely. Now I have to go reread all the books again, I’m all exhilarated. Great pictures, I seriously enjoy your work; you’re such an inspiration.

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