My neighbor is a Santa Barbara newspaper thief I…

My neighbor is a Santa Barbara newspaper thief

I figured, I’m a wedding photographer, why not function as a videographer for a few minutes, so here’s a video of the neighbor about to steal my newspaper (it had been not showing up for about 6 days, so I decided it was time to catch the thief. Funny thing is, this guy is like 50+ years old… so sad… he reads the note and just walks away… maybe I’ll buy him a subscription for himself.

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  1. My mom says I should take down the picture… she doesn’t feel it represents me well… I think it’s my use of the word “bastard”… any thoughts? does it stay? does it get replaced?

  2. No let it stay. It’s pretty authentic and I think most people can relate. Let it stay. Overall it’s hilarious 😉

  3. The Creative Death

    Although I almost feel bad for the guy, actually I do, but it is really incredibly funny… If you listen close I think I can hear THE BIRD tim! haha.
    Yeah, I think it might be a nice gesture to buy him a subscription…the use of the word ‘bastard’ was a little strong and it made me feel bad for him.
    Does he live by himself? because if thats the case I think you might go to hell for swearing at a lonely old man who just wanted to stay current with the news.
    Get back to me on that…in the mean time I’ll be praying for you.

  4. LEAVE IT! The consensus of girls I have shown agree that it is flippin hilarious!!! And it totally reflects your personality 😉

  5. alright… it stays!! 🙂

    Though I think my mom’s point is kinda worrysome now that someone has said this fits my personality… 🙂 hehe

  6. It reflects it in a GOOD way! Your sassy Tim! (inner monologue: Can guys be called “sassy”? I guess they can if they know how to use an eyelash curler!…so yes, a guy can be called sassy.)

  7. Chris, that is great! I laugh everytime I read the note, a bit strong, but I get it. You should read the notes I write back to the Nigerians, and they are royalty.
    I had a neighbor that would steal the fruit off my peach tree. I walked out one day and there she was completely cleaning out my peaches. I stood there and she looked at me and said “well, you normally aren’t home during the day.” Hmm…

  8. He could have just asked to borrow it after you were done…plenty of people do that. His life probably holds little thrills as it is…stealing a newspaper is the highlight of his day. Poor old guy…you should just drop it in his mail box next time you’re finished with it.

  9. This is really funny – our neighbors bring us the paper after they are done with it… it shows up on our step mysteriously -almost every day… I should tape it for you. We never see them come. It is just there. They started dropping it off after our son totaled the car – so we could check out the auto section. You should leave a note asking him if he would like you to buy him his own subscription…. or asking him to -at least – put it back when he is done…ha ha! :)))

  10. I vote for putting it on his step when you’re done with it. 🙂 Sounds like a nice thing to do! And we all know you’re a nice guy! 😉

  11. Good call, mate! You shoot weddings? I’m always looking for more top photographers – write me a comment on my blog, will ya? (I plan here in SB and just randomly stumbled here) PS I’d be all for a flaming sack of poo on his porch, but I’m vindictive like that. Heh!

  12. hilarious! i thought it said “buster” at first and i thought was even funnier than the other ‘b’ word! 🙂

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